ElmentOne System Requirements
  • 20 May 2024
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ElmentOne System Requirements

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This article provides the system requirements for ElementOne 1.1.0.


System Requirements

HypervisorVmware ESXi 6.0 and above
CPU2.2 GHz or above
BrowserLatest version of Chrome recommended

Resource Requirements

Quantity of Portable InspectorCPU CoreMemoryType of storage drive*1
<= 10012 GBHDD/SSD
101 ~ 30022 GBHDD/SSD
301 ~ 50024GBHDD/SSD
501 ~ 100044GBHDD/SSD
Above 1001Contact your solution providerContact your solution providerHDD/SSD


Quantity of Scan Log*2Image Disk SizeData Disk Size*3
10,000,000100 GB25 GB
50,000,000100 GB110GB
100,000,000100 GB210 GB
Above100 GBContact your solution provider
  1. SSD storage drive is recommended.
  2. A new log will be generated for each scan.
  3. The estimated size of disk space you need to reserve for storing scan logs.
For support assistance, please contact us at support@txone.com or your Support Provider.

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