How to use SARTool
  • 01 Jul 2024
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How to use SARTool

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SARTool is used to remove both Stellar Enforce (renamed to StellarProtect Legacy Mode after Stellar 2.0) and StellarProtect agents when the standard uninstallation process (Control/Programs) encounters problems or there is a request to uninstall without password.


Please reach out to TXOne support and submit a support ticket along with an activation code for SARTool and key files.


This step is executed on the machine that has the Stellar agent installed.


  • Download and then extract it.

  • Copy generated key files to the folder of SARTool.exe.

  • Open Command Prompt as administrator and run SARTool.exe in the correct platform folder (x64-Release/x86-Release)

    • SARTool.exe [--force]
      • --force: optional, suppress the interactive confirmation (useful for automation)


Error MessageMount Upgrade
You must be a Windows administrator to perform this functionOpen Command Prompt as administrator
Failed to read key filesCheck if key files are copied to the current folder
Version is not supportedCheck if agent version is newer than tool version and use newer tool
Key files are invalidCheck if the customer activation code and system time meet the requirement
No Agent installed
  1. Check if you’re using correct SARTool on correct platform. Ex: using x86 SARTool to remove x64 platform Agent.
  2. If you’re using the correct version of SARTool and you still get this message, please help to collect SARTool debug tool and Agent debug log.
Failed to load modulesCollect SARTool debug logs in SARTool’s “Log” folder
Failed to remove installed agentCollect SARTool debug logs and Agent debug log from op_diagnostic.exe (SP) or WKSupportTool.exe (SPLM)
Collect SARTool debug log:
  • Stellar Enforce removal log
    • log\ <DATETIME>_wk_SARTool_debug_<ID>.log
  • Stellar Protect removal log
    • log\TXSPRemover_<DATETIME>.log


Agent Debug log:

  • Agent Installed
    • Stellar Protect: StellarProtect installed folder\op_diagnostic.exe
    • StellarProtect Legacy Mode: StellarProtect Legacy Mode installed folder\WKSupportTool.exe
  • Agent Not Installed
    • Use Single installer combined support tool in SupportTool\StellarSupport.exe

For further assistance, please contact us at or your support provider.

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